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Quality, Environment & Safety

Believe it or not, Metal has great style! But above that it has the ability to adapt to a frame or structure that most material find it difficult to adhere. Metal allows us to to combine form with function because of its ability to bend or deform in many different ways. Besides that, here are few more factors to take into consideration.
- Clean-ability and pest management. Easy maintenance. 
- Extreme durability.
- While good-quality metal furniture might have a higher sticker price than wood
equivalents, you can expect metal furniture to last 10 to 15 years or longer. 
- Metal furniture can be painted with a wide variety of colour combinations giving us numerous possibilities to explore.  

We, at THE METAL PROJECT are trying to reinvent form through the use of Metal and trying to break the myth that is not durable !! Because it is !! Be a part of our journey, come shop with us! :)