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1) Can we customize the Furniture ?

A: Yes surely. You can send us a mail with your requirements and we'll be happy to
customise the size and proportion. We also have an option of changing the finish of the
furniture but on additional costs.

2) How do we maintain the Furniture ?

A: Maintainence is simple and easy. Like all other furniture, regular cleaning with a dry or
slightly damp rug can avoid dust to settle in.

3) Can I buy furniture offline ?

A: Yes!! Contact us via mail and we'll help you with the details.

4) Do you have a store or showroom where I can see your work in person?

A: Yes! We have a workshop in Mumbai where all our furniture is made. We do not have
a display area yet. But we are definitely open for you to come and see our work in
Our designer Dishaa, is happy to speak with you about what you’re looking for and throw
around ideas. She can answer any questions you may have about the pieces of furniture
you see at the workshop. We’d love for you to come in and see us!

5) Do you have warranty on your pieces ?

A: Yes! We stand by the quality of our work and warranty each of our pieces of custom
furniture! Our warranty covers structural issues and any damage at the time of delivery.

6) When can we expect delivery ?

A: Our lead time is 30-45 days. We will try our best to deliver to you earlier than that but
we ask our customers to factor for atleast 30 days. The week of your scheduled delivery
you will receive a confirmation email of completion. This email will also include details
regarding delivery time, an order and care form.